What is poké?


Poke – v. (poʊˈkeɪ) To section, slice, cut or “chunk” meat or seafood. Typically used to describe the Hawaiian raw fish salad that has made this food prep term famous the world over.

sustainabowl pokE

Poke – n. (Po-kee) A delicious bowl of sustainably and ethically sourced, marinated Hiramasa (yellow tail kingfish), salmon, ahi tuna, albacore tuna, or jack fruit served on a bed of fluffy yellow curry or bamboo rice and/or salad (kale or seaweed), and accented with your choice of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, select sauces and crispy accompaniments for texture-adding crunch. Pesca Poke, Vegan Poke, Paleo Poke, Gluten Free Poke – Sustainabowl Poke Restaurant has a little something for everyone.