Smart consumption.

High-grade Dyson dryer
Low-flow bathroom faucets
Low-flow toilets
Energy Efficient, Title 24 compliant automatic shut-off LED lighting system
Live-edge community table constructed from naturally-felled trees
Skylight Installation


High Quality, Sashimi-Grade, Salmon, Tuna and Albacore
Organic Vinegar and Liquid Aminos from Braggs, Santa Barbara
Locally sourced produce from vendors including but not limited to: 
Sweredoski Farms, Bell Gardens, CA
The Growing Experience, Urban Farm and Community Garden, Long Beach, CA
Santa Monica, Hollywood and Studio City Farmers Markets
Specialty Produce, San Diego, CA
West Central Produce, Norwalk, CA
Pacific Coast Produce, Oxnard, CA

Ethical Production.


Waste Reduction. 

Recycled paper bags available upon request
Beverages provided in glass cups, bottles or compostable cups
Polystyrene FREE packaging
All bowls, cups and eating utensils made from compostable materials

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 6.49.27 PM.png

Our goal is to create an unforgettable dining experience while being mindful of our waste output. We are proudly the first Surfrider Ocean Friendly Restaurant in Silicon Beach.


Food containers, plastic bags and packaging are the most predominant items found in marine pollution and pose an immediate threat to our environment and to our health. In addition to providing an unparalleled dining experience , we hope to educate and encourage our community to help keep our oceans plastic-free.  



6 Million Tons
of Single Use Plastic Is Trashed Each Year


8.8 Million Tons
Of Plastic Ends Up in the Water Each Year


700 Marine Species
Are Threatened Due to Plastic in the Ocean


Join our efforts by saying no to single-use plastic and by choosing Surfrider-recommended Ocean Friendly Restaurants