Customize one of our signature dishes with the protein of your choice [Ahi, Albacore, Salmon, Jackfruit}:



 Tokyo Zen Sauce, Togarashi Spice, Wasabi Chickpeas, Bonito Flakes, Furikake, Pickled Ginger, Scallions and Yuzu on a bed of Coconut Rice

Hello Dubai

Harissa Goodness Dressing, Pomegranate, Cherries, Plum, Chickpeas on a bed of Yellow Curried Rice

Back to Fiji

Tropical Marinade, Green Papaya, Yellow Curried Rice, Corn Nuts, Red Onions, Scallions served in a Coconut Shell


Get in my Belly

Avocado base topped with scraped fish belly mixed with Gochujang and Aji Amarillo, Passion Fruit, Heart of Palms, Scallions, Pickled Ginger, Seaweed Salad, Crispy Garlic and Crispy Shallots served on a bed of Coconut Rice

Machu Picchu

Aji Amarillo, Heart of Palms, Passion Fruit, Seaweed, Corn Nuts and Cilantro served on a bed of Coconut Rice

Poké Nachos

Black Garlic Chipotle Sauce, Corn Nuts, Taro Chips, Avocado Miso, Red Onion and Pineapple


Chef's Special**

A curated treat by our Chef Justin Snyder




Thai Jackfruit 2.0**

Vegan-friendly Curried Jack Fruit, Sesame + Coconut Milk Dressing, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Orange, Green Papaya, Pickled Ginger, Cabbage with Crispy Faryari and Peanuts on a bed of Coconut Rice topped with Pomegranate Seeds. 

Paleo Bowl**

Kale Slaw topped with Avocado, Goji Berries, Chia Seeds, Oranges, Seaweed Salad, Red Onions, Cabbage, Green Papaya and Liquid Aminos