Poke mania hits LA as summer heats up!

Earlier this year, when the summers were kicking in I tested a meal at the Hawaiian island which made me fell in love with it at the very first bite. And you want to know what it was? It was an authentic Hawaiian poke bowl. 
Poke bowl containing chopped raw fish over sushi rice and tons of other colorful and tasteful toppings. The meal was prepared in front of me and it was quickly prepared than a fast food burger. This protein-packed meal qualified to my list of healthy and delicious meals.
On my return to LA I started finding poke bowls near me and then I find Sustainabowl in the Lincoln Blvd. I thought of giving it a try as I was craving for that Hawaiian poke bowl. I ordered their back to Fiji with salmon and trust me it contained the authenticity of Hawaiian Islands and made me feel relief that I can get poke bowl in LA too. And now I’m a regular at Sustainabowl. 

Poke mania has hit the LA by a storm

Innovation is warmly welcomed in LA and Poke bowls was an innovation in food which took the whole with the storm. This hot summer welcomed the poke and made it the very favorite of everyone. The raw fish sour rice and scrumptious vegetables topped with tangy sauces, spices, and salt are making people desire as this hot summer slogs on.  
If you’re looking for amazing eateries in LA to have authentic poke then go here. The poke bowl chains are rolling in, in LA and can be found at every corner. But a very few have the specific Hawaiian taste that a poke bowl must contain.

Is poke a temporary or a trend that is going to stay?

Many food trends start great but soon settle down and people don’t crave for them anymore. Well, poke isn’t one of those trends because it just not contain one particular recipe. It contains a great variety within which can never be boring for me. Instead, whenever I get bored with the routine food I go running for poke.


I’m constantly mentioning that poke is high in nutrition but haven’t provided any proof of it. 
The best thing about poke is that it low in cholesterol and is an amazing source of protein. We all know this for a fact that fish or any seafood is high in protein. Instead of that poke is rich in vitamin B6, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, dietary fibers etc. 
Vitamin B6 is very essential for health and fish and fish oil contain abundant of it. Many people are suffering from the deficiency of vitamin b6 and are told to consume vitamin b6 containing food to overcome it. Though there are several medicines available in the market nothing can beat the natural stuff right.

SO yeah! Poke is not just a must have for you nutrition wise but taste so great that you won’t regret ever picking it over any other food item.