5 vigorous snacks that are better than coffee!

Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee in the morning? But after some time you feel the need of having another cup of coffee to fuel yourself up? Does this happen to you? Or it's just me? I guess it’s the case with every habitual coffee taker. 
Lately, I have been experiencing this problem and I thought of doing something about it. And I have found myself a few snacks that I replaced with coffee. And trust me they are absolutely simple yet delicious. A certain amount of intake of caffeine is fine but a lot of it can cause damage. As “Excess of everything is dangerous.”
I’ve been running this restaurant at Lincoln Blvd called “Sustainabowl” for a while now. The master chef of sustainabowl has shared a few healthy snacks recipes which can replace coffee and you’ll love them.

1-Banana topped with peanut butter:

Yeah, this is just it. This simple two ingredient is not just rich in nutrition but also yummy. It is my go-to recipe and favorite that is why it's on the top of the list. 
Get the banana slice in thick chunks and top it with peanut butter. And its ready to be devoured. As bananas are rich in sugar and are a source of instant energy. Bananas take longer than usual to metabolize which makes it the source of energy which lasts longer. And the added protein rush with peanut butter makes it even more energetic. 

2-Poke Salad:

Poke is the new trending healthy thing. Which is not delicious or nutritious but also very refreshing. 
The poke salad usually involves salmon, ahi or some other marinated fish along a few sauces and toppings which make it a complete healthy package. 
Sustainabowl provides the best poke salad in town. My hot favorite nowadays! :D
If you haven’t tried poke yet then have it at Sustainabowl to know the authentic taste of poke.

3-Plain not fat yogurt with granola and fruits:

“Yogurt” smh… We all know about its benefits. It has been our friend since our existence. Yogurt with granola and fruits become a protein-packed bomb which cannot be beaten by any coffee or anything else. 
This very basic recipe provides taste as well as nutrition to keep us working all day long. 

4-Acai Bowls: 

Acai a Brazilian berry which is considered to be the only fruit which contains the highest amount of antioxidants. It caught the attention of American and now many restaurants are serving acai bowls topped with fruits, nuts, and honey. 
Acai bowls are rich in antioxidants and fiber which makes them the most healthy breakfast item on the face of the planet and nothing can beat it. Nothing can beat it in taste and nutrition.
Trust me! 

5-Baked Kale chips: 

Kale chips baked with little salt and olive oil is another healthy snack to stop the craving for that coffee. If you need proper instructions to make it then here is the recipe.