5 Ways to Make Your Restaurants More Sustainable!

Sustainable restaurants are the need of the hour. Where technological advancement has provided us ease in so many ways but has also polluted our environment to a threatening extent. Our atmosphere is so severely damaged that it cannot be repaired but can only be saved by taking precautions. That is why there is a great stress over the sustainable restaurants nowadays. 
If you’re planning to start an environment-friendly restaurant then “Sustainabowl” sustainable restaurants have got you covered. Sustainabowl a restaurant solely created with the agenda to provide people with healthy food and to make this environment all the more friendly for all the other beings. The owner an environmentalist told a few tips which you can use to create your own sustainable restaurant or to make your existing restaurant sustainable.

1-Cook the seasonal items:

All our elders always suggest us to use the seasonal fruit and vegetables rather than the storage ones. Because they are high in nutrition. If you do so your restaurant will change four menus according to the four seasons. 
Remove all the dishes from the menu for whom you can't find the sustainable source. 

2-Partner up with the right producers: 

Find yourself the accredited supply chain partners. Suppliers take an online test to prove that they follow the sustainable practices to manage the supplies. For example is a restaurant needs cutlery there is a supplier which provides edible spoons and plates made of leaves. Such suppliers are contributing to prolonging the life of this planet by producing decomposable products. 

3-Grow the veggies and fruits yourself:

Farming the seasonal fruits and veggies not only attracts the customers towards your restaurant but also contribute towards the environment. 
Customers are always attracted towards the places which ensure to provide fresh food to their customers. And farming all the required vegetables yourself make it even more catchy. 

4-Don’t just think about food but beyond it:

Though the core purpose of a restaurant is to produce a healthy product. And all the waste material is also decomposable. But think beyond the food and think how can you achieve sustainability besides it? Get yourself better quality and energy resourceful equipment which utilize less energy but helps you to do your task more efficiently. 
Install motion sensitive lights so that they don’t stay on all the hours of day and night. And it reduces the electricity consumption by 5-10%. 

5-Get yourself the staff which is also passionate about the cause (Sustainability):

In my opinion training, the staff to be passionate about the sustainability is the biggest challenge for sustainable restaurants. Making everyone on your team to believe the mission is a tough task but is an essential one. 
If your staff knows about the agenda of the restaurant it would be easy for him to explain it to the customers and to convince them. Like if a customer asks why you don’t have squids on the menu. The person hosting should mention that we form our menu according to the season and sustainability measures.