Craving For Seafood Check Out These 4 New Hot Spots in LA

Seafood restaurants la, Seafood restaurants

If you’ve got your mind stuck on the seafood then you are in total luck. Because we have shortlisted 4 new eateries for you which will give your palate the taste it desired badly. 
There are several seafood restaurants in California almost at every corner. But these four new seafood restaurants in LA just get themselves promoted to my most favorite restaurant's list. And I’d like to share my experience with you. 

1-Coconut’s fish cafe: 

Coconut’s fish café reminds me of the restaurants in the Hawaiian Islands. Say Aloha to this amazing restaurant. The eatery was first established in Maui back in 2009 and has expanded their chain to the Arizona and California since then. 
Do you want to know what they serve the best? Well, I personally love the restaurant's specialty “tacos” served on white corn tortillas with wasabi, mango salsa, and grilled fish etc. You can choose from almost 17 different ingredients to get your tacos with.
I also happen to like their poke bowls and mahi-mahi. 
The café s open from 11 am to 9 pm daily. 


This new sustainable restaurant is my new hot favorite for my daily acai and pokes bowls. Their signature poke bowls are up to the mark and contain the authenticity of Hawaiian islands. 
The restaurant is located on the Lincoln Blvd. Los Angeles. And has gained the recognition for its peculiar taste in a very short time span. 
I personally love their back to Fiji bowl, get in my belly, macho pachu and chef’s special bowl. These fun named bowls are one of their kinds and I'm sure you’ll fall for them right away.
You can even check the customer reviews on Yelp.

3-Rappahannock Oyster Bar:

A new scoring spot in LA. This restaurant chain is basically from the east coast with several eateries in South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington.
The restaurant is specialized in serving the fresh seafood dishes. It contains the locally sourced fish and ingredients. But they taste tremendous seriously. 
I tried their slow-cooked salmon with basil dumplings, oysters and also stole a bite of Peruvian bay scallops with yuzu from a friend. And they all tasted like heaven. 
You can check the customer reviews here. 

4-Ocean Baskets Restaurant: 

I went there because its name seemed very catchy but the taste was something that left a great mark on me and made me recommend it to you all. 
The ocean basket restaurant serves a variety of ocean baskets in Crenshaw Blvd., West Adams. 
The restaurant offers a range of fish, shrimps, catfish nuggets and fried oysters to whom you just can’t resist. 
The restaurant so far has received a very warm response from the customers and has four stars out of 20 Yelp reviews. 
The yelper who reviewed the restaurant said “I love this place, they have great customer service. The shrimp is so good! It's perfectly seasoned and if they add lemon pepper it tastes even better.”
I hope you’ll find this article helpful in finding great seafood places in LA.