Acai bowls- The healthiest breakfast Ever!

There are many food mashups which gained recognition for a while but then settles like dust after rain. But the buzz of acai bowl is real and isn’t threatened by any other food trend. The reason is that it actually delivers what it promises and is made of all the natural ingredients. Doesn’t involve any type of fake sweetening item or even sugar. 
If you’re looking for good places to eat acai bowl in LA then let me suggest you my favorite place i.e “Sustainabowl”. I like it because it introduces you to the authenticity of acai and poke bowls plus it’s a sustainable restaurant and is making the environment all the more friendly for all other beings. 

Grew fed up with the pancakes and bacon every morning?

If you’ve grown fed up with having pancakes and bacon every morning then try the amazing acai bowls all made of the fruits and veggies. It’s more like a fancy ice-cream topped with fruits and nuts. Imagine having it in the morning (Sigh). It’d provide a great nutrition and delicacy rush to your body in the very first bite. 
Well, having breakfast of acai bowl just doesn’t satisfy the sweet craving (no need to have donuts in the morning) but will also provide health. So it’s a win, win situation.

Acai bowls are high in anti-oxidants:

Acai a Brazilian berry which caught the attention of Americans a few years ago. Because they realized the potential of it, that it is the most anti-oxidant fruit on the facet of the planet. And soon they start manufacturing supplements containing acai powder and capsules etc. Then they started importing the frozen acai berries which gave birth to the acai bowls. Blended acai and fruit smoothies topped with scrumptious oatmeal, fruits, chocolate chips, honey etc.
Acai bowls are high in antioxidants and fibers, which makes them unquestionably the healthiest breakfast. It contains about 21 to 62 grams of natural sugar in a single serving. In short, a total sugar bomb. And totally supports the new sugar diet plan. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t healthy. Basically, the right proportion of the ingredients involved is the key to making a healthy acai bowl. 
Nutrition editor Cynthia Sass tells that: “Portions are key. Even if everything going into your acai bowl is clean and healthy, this dish can prevent you from losing weight or lead to weight gain if it packs more than your body can burn or use.

Acai bowls- simple to make at home: 

Well, the habitats of metropolitan cities will face no difficulty to find the acai bowl restaurants. They can find it at any smoothie place or restaurant around the corner. But the people living in towns would find it difficult to get acai from nearby. Well its totally not hopeless, you can easily make them at home. Find an amazing recipe for acai bowl here. 
This healthy, simple to make and ice-cream like acai bowls are great for the breakfast. Get them included in your routine right now to stay healthy and fit for longer!