5 Exotic Poke Bowls You Need to Try Right Now!

Are you planning to go to some beachy location this summer? Want to lay down on the sand and get a nice tan with Pina colada by your side? Want to eat healthy to maintain that summer bod? Then my friend poke and acai bowls are your best friend this summer!
If you’re tanning yourself on LA’s beach then get yourself the healthy poke bowls from my most favorite restaurant sustainabowl in Lincoln Blvd. LA. The fresh bowls of poke will provide you the Hawaiian island feels. Poke and warmth of LA’s sun is the best combination you can ever experience. 
Well, sustainabowl have professional chefs from Hawaii to produce authentic poke. From their collaboration we’ve shortlisted 5 exotic poke bowls that you must try during your visit to LA. 

1-Fiery poke bowl with salmon:

Salmon… Aahh, mere the name of it waters my mouth. Actually, it’s my favorite. Fresh salmon, soy sauce, and sesame are the common known ingredients of poke. The specialty of this poke is the sriracha sauce. It brings freshness to the bowl and makes it more desirable for the taste buds. 
Usually, it is served with rice to enjoy it at its best. 

2-Poke bowl with shrimp, mango, and sesame:

Usually, a poke bowl contains marinated fish but this recipe is refined with shrimps in it. The sauce containing sesame paste adds flavor to the bowl. Whereas mango delivers a great taste with the sauce and brings out the flavor of the bowl. 
The bowl topped with mango, avocado, wakame, green onion, pickled ginger, sesame seeds and coriander is just simply out of the world. I get short of words when it comes to describing its taste. 

3-Poke bowl with tuna & avocado:

This poke bowl provides is the treat for the Asian palates. As it contains the specific Asian taste in it. These bowls are not just healthy but are also light for the stomach. The bowl is served to contain brown rice on the base and tuna all over it topped with creamy avocado, crispy sautéed carrots
The whole bowl is topped with nothing fancy but with our very regular soy sauce, ginger and garlic, but trust me it tastes as fancy as you can imagine. 

4-Creamy Salmon Poke bowl:

The bowl contains you very favorite creamy mayonnaise-based togarashi sauce. The tendered tuna is served with brown rice, topped with my most favorite creamy togarashi sauce and cucumbers. In my opinion, cucumbers in the bowl just enhance the overall taste of this poke bowl.  

5-Pineapple poke bowl:

This amazing bowl is a treat for all the vegans out there. Though I’m not a vegan I loved every bit of it. Whenever I think of eating something veggie I go for this particular bowl.
Tofu and pineapple are the stars of this bowl. The sweet, salty and tangy tastes dance around your mouth when you have a full of it. 
Above mentioned bowls mostly contained rice on the base. But this bowl contains Quinoa on the base and I guess no other fruit can replace it in this bowl. It’s the most suitable one. 

Poke has hundreds and hundreds of forms. Above the list are very few of them but are amazing, to begin with. So, try them now to know what poke tastes like actually!

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