5 Reasons Why We love Poke So Much!

Los Angeles Poke Restaurants

Poke where once was only confined to Hawaiian Islands is now a thriving trend in all the other states of United States. Los Angeles poke restaurants are even providing the authenticity of poke with the vibe of Hawaii in the ambiance to interest the customers into it. And boy oh boy! They not only have interested the customers in it but have made the people a big fan of this nutritious food. 
I tried my first sushi bowl at Sustainable and totally fell for it in the very first encounter. My love for poke made me investigate its history and authenticity. Over the course of time I investigated people why do they love poke and jot down these five following factors that contribute to the popularity of poke.

5 Factors which made poke much loved by us!

1-Local/Home-grown ingredients:

The people who know how to make themselves a nice poke bowl. They know this for a fact that poke bowl doesn’t require any ingredient that is costly or rare. Instead, it needs all the local ingredients to create this amazing thing. 
There’s so much that you can do with ingredients while making a poke bowl. The Ingredients are like toys which you can turn and twirl to get the desired result. The best thing of poke is that it instantly melts in your mouth and provide your taste buds with delicacy. 


Like I discussed above the ingredients can be twirled and twisted to get a particular taste in poke. Poke has so much diversity in it with which you can play. Like for the base ingredient you can change the salmon with eel or tuna or something like it. It instantly changes the taste of your bowl.

3-Pau Hana (Finishes work in Hawaiian) perfect:

Pau Hana a Hawaiian word which means finished or done. Well, poke is something more of the main course for me. As it totally fulfills me. But the people who just can't say no to their angry wives food can eat a poke bowl with a bear and still can have room for some extra meal. Poke digest so well and quick and doesn’t burden the stomach at all. So yeah! Don’t make your wives even angrier by saying no to food made by her!

4-Easy to make:

Poke, a recipe which needs no effort and no special ingredient. We contain all the ingredients it requires in our kitchens closet. Like we all have soy sauce, sesame seeds, and fish in our freezers, right? Or just can simply get them from the market around the corner of the house. 


oke is the part of the history and holds a special place in our hearts. You can never come back from Hawaii without having a poke. Because it is the must-have theirs. It actually makes you aware of the authentic taste of poke. Which now can be tested at Los Angeles restaurants like Sustainabowl.