Cowgirls love the new poke bowls!

Poke Bowl in Los Angeles, Poke Bowls


Want to sit in a casual restaurant with a Hawaiian vibe? Sustainabowl is the place for you with the authentic taste of Hawaiian poke.

Poke bowl in Los Angeles is the new form of healthy food. Every cowboy, cowgirls, and normal person are loving the poke bowls. A typical poke bowl contains raw fish like tuna, salmon etc. crispy onions, seeds and other stuff like this.

We Cowgirls Love Poke Bowls By Sustainabowl

A year ago I and my all girlfriends were on a tour of California and visited LA too. There all our other friends made us try the acai and poke bowls. Well, the taste of both were absolutely different but were the real delicacies.

The acai bowls where contained smoothies with different amazing toppings, poke bowls contained the amazing tuna, salmon, ahi etc. Our friends took us all to the sustainabowl and as we were there for lunch so we gave their poke bowls a try.

I selected the chefs special whereas my other friends tried there other bowls on the menu. I was amazed by the taste of it. I ordered my bowl with salmon. It contained crispy onions, the special Tokyo zen sauce, pickled ginger, furikake, bonito flakes, wasabi chickpeas all served in a very unique bowl. I was very hesitant in trying it because as I was prepared that it is a very healthy thing to have. And I had this perception in mind that healthy food cant taste awesome (Sorry for saying it loud :p). But the poke bowl just tasted like something from heaven and totally blew me away. I didn’t talk for a second while eating it and my friends got so confused that what happened to her. But in real I was enjoying every bit of it.

That was the beautiful day when a cowgirl hardly fell for poke bowl. After trying poke bowl (which was a total success in every manner) I told myself that I’ll definitely have their acai bowl in the breakfast. Their scrumptious acai bowls with amazing toppings of avocados, different berries, and seeds became a sure thing for breakfast during my stay in LA.

Amazing Types Of Poke Bowls

If you’re not a fan of seafood then you can get yourself the nutritious and delicious vegetable bowls (a treat for all the vegans). Though I'm not a vegan, still tried Sustainabowl’s vegan bowl. It didn’t disappoint me at all actually made me like the vegetables in a peculiar way.

The food of Sustainabowl was amazing but the best thing I found about the restaurant was that they were working on the principles of sustainable restaurants and are actually contributing to making the environment all the more friendly for all of us selfish beings. We are selfish because we only think about our comfort and because of it, we’ve damaged our environment to a level that it can never be repaired. This initiative from one of the busiest cities in the world is a wake up for all of us too. We also need to contribute to our environment. So get up and take an initiative to make this world a better place for all the fellow beings!