Easy Acai bowl recipes by Sustainabowl!

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Acai bowls- the new healthy trend for all the fitness freaks and those who are thinking to lose the weight. They are so amazing that one can have it five times a week for lunch or breakfast. Many restaurants are serving the acai bowls- but don’t be fooled most of them are not serving the real acai’s. Well, sustainabowl “a great restaurant serving acai bowl” presents a few simple recipes to make them at home with no effort and special ingredients. If you ever are looking for good food in LA, which is not only rich in nutrition but in taste too then sustainabowl is the place for you.

The uniqueness of acai bowls is that it's sugar-free. It doesn’t contain any extra sugar, preservative or other stuff that’s not so much healthy and fun. 
Acai bowls are the best for the breakfast and lunch. These healthy scrumptious meals are a proper package of delicacy and health. 
From the experienced chefs of sustainabowl, we present you a few acai bowl recipes that are easy to prepare and are extremely healthy. 

Everyday Acai Bowl Recipe

Ingredients you need:

1- 4-5 ripe bananas (these can be fresh or frozen. But save one and a half banana for topping).
2- A half cup of frozen blueberries.
3- Two cups of strawberries (if they are seasonal. Some other fruit can also do.)
4- A pack of frozen acai.
5- You can add spinach, avocado or some other green fruit and vegetable to add taste. I usually add avocados’ and a handful of spinach to the mix. You won't simply tell that it has spinach yet it brings nutrition to the bowl.

Toppings you need to have for an amazing, nutritious acai bowl:

You can add whatever you like. Like dry fruits, fruits, seeds and other stuff but I’d suggest.

1- Cacao Nibs.
2- Bananas.
3- Crushed almonds.
4- Goji berries.
5- Blueberries.
6- Granola or whatever your palate demands.

How to make a scrumptious acai bowl?

  • We at Sustainabowl blend frozen blueberries, strawberries and acai packet (i personally bang it against the counter a few times- it stores it into small pieces – its super fancy :p) it all together. Add a little coconut milk/water or just splash of fresh water, if necessary.
  • A tip here: You need to know that bananas are high in water. So, add the water carefully as it can make the mixture watery. 
  • Then add the bananas (frozen or fresh) to the mixture. I prefer to add bananas at last because I don’t like the bananas all mashed and mushy. You need to decide your desired consistency. 
  • Last but the most fun part, add your desired toppings and viola a scrumptious acai bowl is ready to blow you away. 

Many restaurants add the fake sweetening items which ruin the taste and the calculated nutrition of the bowl. So get yourself the authentic acai bowls only at sustainabowl. Because we care about you!