Poke bowls- a new hit in LA!

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Did you happen to have lunch in Los Angeles last year? Then definitely you’ve missed on this latest trend of amazing poke. Poke bowls a raw fish salad originated from Hawaii. This is trending in LA and all the major cities of the USA because of its delicate taste. But if you get the topping wrong it can turn into a sad caesar salad for you. SO if you’re going to taste it then get it from the best place so that you know the real taste of it. 
Wondering where can you get the best poke bowls in LA, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve shortlisted a few poke restaurants that serve the best poke bowls. And you’ll be thanking us big time after eating at one of these places. 


Washington Blvd, LA, California
In 2015 chef Roy revamped the idea of an urban picnic with Hawaiian soul food. If you ever visit LA, go to A-frame to taste the best poke bowl. 
Ask for the special nightly poke special, which can be anything from ahi tuna dressed with watermelon citrus or kukui nut pesto to shrimps tossed in sweet chili sauce or ono tossed with cucumbers—all are just simply amazing. My mouth is literally watering just by describing it. 


Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA
This institution in studio city is known or its omakase meals rather than the ala carte dishes. But if you opt the latter option you will be able to enjoy the elegant poke features. There are at least three kinds of dressings you can have with your choice of tuna, salmon or octopus. 
My poke bowl of tuna with sweet onions and seaweed mixed with ginger dressing was impeccable. 


Lincoln Blvd, LA, California
Sustainable is a new restaurant but provides the best bowls you can have in LA at the most reasonable prices. I particularly loved their taste and serving won me over. Their “Get in my belly” bowl containing avocado, fish mixed with Gochujang, scallions, pickled ginger, seaweed salad, crispy onions and shallots etc was simply out of the world. And made me wish for more. 

4-Jus’ Poke:

Redondo Beach, California
You will get transported back to Hawaii with the Jus poke’s Redondo beach shack and furikake topped with giant rice balls. You can always go with five traditional ahi tuna pre-mixed pokes that tastes whose every bit makes you feel like tasting something from heaven. You can also have sides of your choice.

5-Mainland Poke shop:

St Los Angeles, California
As the name suggests its specialized in poker. The shop serves to poke in plastic pint and half a pint just the way they are served in Hawaii. The thing that made mainland last on my list is that the serving doesn’t do justice with the money. But the plus point is they serve octopus which doesn’t seem to be served at most of the poke shops. 
I hope during your visit to LA this guide to best poke shops helps you!

"I hope during your visit to LA this guide to best poke shops helps you!