Growing trend of Sustainable Restaurants in LA!

We are so consumed with the technology and our comfort that we have damaged our environment beyond saving. All we can do right now is to “control the pollution” that has damaged our planet and is continually damaging. One very simple thing we can do is to reduce the waste of our food materials. Using the organic and easily decomposable material for eating and packing can make difference to a great level. That is why the trend of sustainable restaurants is growing. 

Why Do We Need Sustainable Restaurants?

The trend of sustainable restaurants was started by a person who actually wants to save the planet for good and wants to serve the people with healthy food. A restaurant named Sustainabowl I recently visited on Lincoln Blvd. LA completely won me over with its ideology and great food. 

An encounter that motivated me to support sustainable restaurants

Firstly I was very hesitant to try the acai bowls because they were mostly fruits, seasonal veggies, tuna, salmons etc. And I am accustomed to having something more of heavy and meaty. But still, I thought of giving it a try because of the confidence of the guy serving me. I got into talking about the sustainable restaurants with the sustainable restaurant's owner and how they are continuing to grow in the various parts of the world. The owner told me that he studied environmental sciences and started this restaurant to utilize the study rightly in order to save the world.

I asked him why a sustainable restaurant why not a simple restaurant. He smiled and answered: “I am an environmentalist, which means I love to keep a clear atmosphere around me. And I also care about the people living in this environment. Eating healthy and cooking healthy food makes me feel that I am doing something to make this planet a better place.” His simple words actually made me ashamed, as we think neither about the place we are living in and nor about our personal health. My mother told me once “If you’re not sincere with yourself then you can’t be sincere with anyone else… ever!
We need to be sincere with our selves first only then we can make this planet a better place.

Acai, poke, fruit and veggie bowls are the new healthy

I’ve tried the acai bowl of sustainable and it was seriously impeccable. I never prefer salads type food over a serious meal, but it was totally worth it. The acai bowl with Amazonian berries, seasonal fruits, coconut flakes, chia seeds, cocoa nibs and protein bards topped with orange zest was the delicacy I haven’t tasted anywhere. 
It wasn’t just healthy but delicious to the level that I can't explain. Only thought of it makes my mouth all watered. Since then I have acai, poke, fruits, and veggie bowls five times a week and has replaced my main meals with it. Not that it made me more vigilant it had made my skin glow like a diamond. 

"If you ever visit LA do give sustainable a try to know the real taste of acai bowls"