5 places you can get Best acai bowls!

Acai bowl is the latest healthy food trend. All the juice bars, acai shops, and restaurants are hopping on to this bandwagon to produce beautiful and healthy bowls for the fitness freaks. These acai bowls are a cross between smoothie in a bowl served with amazing toppings of fresh fruits and dry fruits. You can even get customized acai bowls for yourself… Cool right?

Where to eat in LA?

Well, if you’re in LA and wondering where you can get them then we’ve shortlisted a few places for you which serves the best acai bowls you can have.


Westfield Century City, LA, California

Beaming provides the best organic, unsweetened and non-GMO acai bowls. It was first located
in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Brentwood and now is also available in Century city too.
The specialty serves a bowl of fresh sprouted almond milk, coconut butter, Himalayan pink salt,
blueberries, banana, beaming superfood protein which is topped up with granola and honey.
The customers can also select additional toppings of their own choice, like different fruits, flakes or seeds etc.


Lincoln Blvd, LA, California

Sustainabowl is particularly famous for its taste and also the effort to make the environment all
the more clean. Their special acai bowl is a real treat to everyone whether they are fitness freak
or just food crazy.
The bowl contains sunflower butter, banana, coconut flakes, chia seeds, cocoa nibs, Protein
clusters, seasonal fruits, orange zest, goji berries, Amazonian palm berry and seasonal berries.
Lots of berries right? It was a heck of a treat for me. Try it now to taste the heaven on earth.

3-Sao Acai

Washington Blvd, Culver City, California

It serves high quality of acai and pitaya based bowls which are rich in nutrition. They are
specialized in providing the healthy acai bowls that can be seen on their menu of five bowls and 5 smoothies.
Sao Acai’s famous protein bowl which is more like a pb&j sandwich served in a bowl is the best you can have.


West Hollywood, LA, California

I went there because its name seemed very catchy. Because I am a huge fan of berries. But
along the name, the taste was also impeccable. Besides the catchy ambiance with banana leaves wallpapers the café also offers nutritious acai bowls free from refined sugars and dairy.
Their boost bowl along peanut butter and hemp milk and the boho bowl mixed with almond
butter and almond milk are real delicacies.


Avalon Hotel Beverley Hills, California

The hotel is famous for its combination of old Hollywood roots with the southern Californian
vibe and also for the food it serves. Their Acai bowls come with finely cut pineapples, strawberries, papayas, coconut flakes, granolas, mulberry, goji berry topped with coastal honey.
This rich fruit acai bowl served in the grand restaurant is a feast for eyes and tummy.

If you ever visited LA and didn’t try these simple yet amazing acai bowls then you missed on a lot. Get back here as soon as possible and try these amazing mouthwatering wholesome bowls!